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 Madison, Wisconsin USA

IRLP Nodes  5160 & 3908

          Node Guidelines: 

        To call a Node or reflector:

If you need a list of nodes, where they are located, what nodes are connect to each other, what are the frequencies of other nodes, etc.  go to http://status.irlp.net/ 

What is a Node? 

A Node refers to a computer that is either connected to a repeater or runs on a simplex basis. Nodes can be connected to each other in 2 different ways. The first way is Node to Node, and the 2nd is via a reflector. Node to Node is virtually 2 linked repeaters located anywhere in the world on the IRLP system.  

What is a reflector? 

A reflector is a computer allowing multiple nodes to connect simultaneously. e.g. If I was talking to node 6220 and we both needed to talk to node 6000, we could all dial in to a reflector and be all connected simultaneously. More than 20 nodes can connect to a reflector simultaneously. 

The reflectors have 10 'channels' each. You can access these different channels by dialing the three-digit reflector number, plus a channel number from 0 to 9. For example, channel 3 on Reflector 925 would be "9253".  The most commonly used channel on a reflector is channel 0.

Two of these new channels, 8 and 9, have a special purpose. They use a special audio encoding method so that nodes on dial-up connections can now use the reflectors. This means very little to us locally, except that if you want to talk with a group on a reflector that includes a dial up node you'll have to be on channel 8 or 9. However, if you're making a direct connection to a dial-up node there is no difference.

        Node Information and Short Operating Guidelines

About Node Timeouts: 

        Node Number: 5160 - Testing Phase in Madison

Node Technical Information: Node 5160


The Node has excellent coverage over the entire Sioux Falls Area extending in all directions. The node works well for mobile units up to 25 miles from Sioux Falls. There is good handheld coverage of the downtown area, as well as the entire Sioux Falls Metro Area.

 Node Number: 3908

Node Technical Information: Node 3908


Still testing

          IRLP Links:

Latest IRLP News:  From time to time the node will also be connected to Live Hurricane Nets.

Latest News: Testing my repeater.

Other projects in the works:

►  Build a VHF repeater for node 5160 (Already started)

          If you have any questions contact me at: k9vkg@k9vkg.com 

Sioux Falls Weather

Below is the current weather at my location in Sioux Falls. The Weather information is updated every minute and runs 24hrs a day. This computer uploads both the weather and Live Camera Shots. It sits along side my IRLP link computer.

Currently Out Of Service

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